Volunteer Photographers Program

The Stafford County Fire and Rescue Department is beginning a Volunteer Photographers Program. The purpose of the Volunteer Photographers Program is to augment the Fire Department’s existing photo capabilities and enhance the service levels of the fire department.


SCFR has for many years utilized the photographic talents of individuals who have volunteered their time and services at local emergencies and events throughout the County. The Department has realized the value of organizing the program to capture all of the daily action of emergency responders during incidents. We hope that the Volunteer Photographers Program will continue to grow into an efficient, operational program as is organizationally located in the Technical Services Branch.

Application Process

All volunteer photographers must first complete an application and the Department’s background check prior to being approved as a volunteer photographer. Each member is issued a Stafford County Fire and Rescue Volunteer identification card. Members must conduct themselves in a professional manner; abide by the rules and regulations of the program and the Department. The Volunteer Photographers Program will maintain a roster of photographers and videographers who live throughout the county and are available to assist the Department with their photographic expertise when called upon.

Volunteer photographers focus on responding to emergency incidents for documentation of that incident. They also handle special assignments for graduations, promotions, retirements, training events and the many other daily events sponsored by the Department. Volunteer photographers utilize their own equipment and vehicles, and they may also ride along on the Department’s units as needed. Photos and videos taken by members are used by the fire department for incident documentation, investigation purposes, training, public information materials and all other purposes as needed by the Department. Members of the Volunteer Photographers unit have access to all Department functions and emergency incidents, so that they may perform their duties as expected by the fire department.

For more information, or to apply, please contact the Department at 540-658-7200.