Office of the Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal’s Office (FMO) is dedicated to protecting the lives and property of residents, business, visitors and first-responders from the devastating consequences of fires, explosions and hazardous materials throughout Stafford County. The cumulative efforts of inspections, investigations, and innovation by the Fire Marshal’s Office helps to prevent emergency incidents, lower property insurance costs, foster sustainable economic development, reduce firefighter injuries and increase the quality of life in Stafford County.
Badge for Fire Marshal
As the primary agency enforcing the Fire Prevention Code, the FMO continuously coordinates with a variety of agency partners including the Stafford County Building Official as well as the Sheriff's Office, ATF and other law enforcement agencies.

Everything you need to know about policies, guidelines, and inspections is included in our codes that we follow.

Burn Laws & Fireworks

Please call before you burn  540-658-4440; it's the law! View the 2020 Stafford County Permissible Fireworks.

Additional Fireworks Safety Information and alternative ideas are available here.  

Crowd Management

Free Crowd Management certification good for 3 years. Visit the North Carolina State Fire Prevention site.

Knox Box Information

Installation Guidelines

​Holiday Shopping - Crowd Control Tips

Holiday Shopping Tips